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2000+ Premier XT Patented Key System

The 2000+ PREMIER XT Series is a high quality, comprehensive cylinder range suitable for medium to high security applications.

Key Features:
  • Patent protection until 2029
  • Drill & Pick protection
  • Unique raised plug with slotted face
  • EN 1303:2005 Grade 6 Key Related Security
  • EN 1303:2005 Grade 6 Durability
  • EN 1303:2005 Grade 2 Attack Resistance (when used with a security escutcheon)
2000+ Premier XT is available as an individual Keyed Differ, Keyed Alike or Master Keyed.

Additional Check Pin for a Higher Level of Security

In addition to the conventional 6 cylinder pins, the 2000+ Premier Series incorporates a unique ‘Check Pin’ with a small hook on its tip, found at the top of the cylinder. The pin corresponds to a special undercut on the key profile.

Anti-Barricade, Clutch & Classroom Functions
In some circumstances, such as secure institutions, care homes or psychiatric facilities, it is desirable to prevent the inside of the cylinder being used to hold the deadbolt in the locked position, preventing access by the key from outside. The 2000+ Premier Series is available with a clutch mechanism which isolates the thumbturn from the keyway so that in an emergency the key will override the thumbturn if it is being held.

Classroom Function is an extension to the anti-barricade function. Its principle function is to enable access for staff at all times. As a safety feature, pupils are unable to lock the inside of the classroom from the inside. However, the thumbturn can be used to unlock the door in emergency situations.

Double Clutch function enables access to a double-sided cylinder when the key is engaged in the other side of the door.

Construction Keying
During the construction process it is normal practice for contractors to have control of the keys to each cylinder being fitted into the building. This compromises security as keys can become lost or stolen.

With construction keying, a special pin is incorporated into the cylinder, which allows a single ‘Construction Key’ to be issued to the contractors so they gain full access ruing the construction period. All remaining keys are retained to the point of handover to the customer/building owner.

Any key from the system, when inserted into each cylinder and rotated will release the special pin in the cylinder which renders the construction key inoperative.

Become a 2000+ Premier XT Centre
Becoming a 2000+ Centre offers a number of benefits to your business:
  • Return Key Business: Keys can only be cut by the centre that issued them
  • Coined Keyblanks: Your name will be on the keyblanks you issue, advertising your company
  • Complete range of cylinders, including padlocks
  • Competitive Pricing
As a centre, you will be able to purchase 2000+ cylinders in parts, service-pinned to enable easy re-pinning or as assembled cylinders.

The Advantage of a Patented System
2000+ Premier is available in a full range of cylinder types, including Euro and Oval profile, Rim and Scandinavian style cylinders. This ensures that 2000+ Premier is suitable for all lock types.

We also offer two padlocks in this range that can be used as keyed differs or as part of a master key suite. This provides additional convenience for the end user and enhanced security as multiple keys do not need to be issued. The padlocks also benefit from the patented security features found in the 2000+ Premier Series. Our range includes a Squire hardened padlock that provides additional security over the standard padlock.