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Abrites Ltd are a leading company in diagnostic and key programming solutions for cars, bikes, boats and many others. Abrites Ltd offer practical solutions for simplifying procedures related to vehicle diagnostics, key learning, module adaptation, and more.

The solutions developed by Abrites Ltd allow not only general diagnostics but also specialised procedures that are unavailable or underdeveloped by vehicle manufacturers. Their main tool - AVDI (Abrites Vehicle Diagnostics Interface), together with the Abrites diagnostic and key programming software, has become the standard measurement for quality, ease of work and reliability.
Abrites AVDI
The ABRITES Vehicle Diagnostic Interface - AVDI is the latest generation diagnostics interface produced by Abrites ltd. for cars, bikes, trucks, water scooters, ATVs and water scooters .

Using the AVDI in conjunction with the Abrites software you can perform basic diagnostic operations such as reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes, live values and actuator testing as well as all special functions developed by Abrites such as key programming, module adaptation, cluster calibration and others.
PROTAG Programmer
The PROTAG programmer is the latest generation tool intended for operation with keys and transponders used in the latest authentication systems and immobilizers.

With the PROTAG Programmer, Abrites customers will have a solution for every case where they need a key programmer. It has a complete coverage of key identification and provides reading, programming and authenticating for Low frequency transponders (all types including latest generation transponders such as the Infra-Red keys produced by Mercedes-Benz™) and it also allows you to program all keys and transponders manufactured by Abrites. The PROTAG programmer is conveniently and ergonomically shaped to provide additional ease of usage and it has slots for the separate respective transponders, key and cards that need to be programmed.

The ABRITES software is broken down into special functions purchased individually. That means you won’t invest money on new equipment that come with applications that you already have or will never use. Whether you want to go big from the start or build your kit as you grow your company, you will buy only what you need, when you need it.

VAG Diagnostic and Key Programming Software functions

The Abrites Diagnostic and Key Programming Software functions for VAG is a well-established tool and it is one of the ground stones for the Abrites Company. Throughout the past 10 years they have developed the most complete aftermarket tool for all the vehicles from the VAG Group. Using the Abrites Diagnostics for VAG customers can support vehicles ranging from the young timer Golf III all the way to the Lamborghini Urus and Bentley Continental.

Mercedes Diagnostic and Key Programming Software functions

The ABRITES Mercedes Diagnostic and Key Programming Software functions offer customers a stable, user-friendly and flexible solution for general diagnostics, module scanning, key programming, reading and erasing of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), live data measurement and custom requests.
Renault Diagnostic and Key Programming Software functions

  • Reading and updating flash and configuration memory of the ECUs. Clearing IMMO code data
  • Key programming functionality, including the latest models such as Twingo III, Traffic III, Smart 451
  • Allows clearing stored crash data in the unit produced from Temic and Continental (it supports units utilizing the CAN protocol). EPS and UCH renewal is also done using RR014. The function allows you to restore the modules to their factory virgin state and install a used module in a different vehicle.
  • Reading and updating internal control module configuration memory by diagnostic