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Esla NG Cylinder System

ESLA NG4 is a 6-pin standard profile security cylinder available in a full range of cylinder types. It is designed for standard security applications where durability, cost and availability are extremely important.
System Features:
  • Cylinders are available Keyed to Differ, Keyed Alike and Master Keyed. NG4 cylinders are available in a full range of cylinders suitable for a variety of lockcases and door thicknesses.
  • The NG4 cylinder system supports large multi-level master key systems with many potential differs due to its 6 pin layout. ESLA NG4 is also available as sub-assembled cylinders to enable local servicing.
  • ESLA NG4 cylinders are designed to meet or exceed Grade 3 security status of the BS EN1303 CEN standard, as well as the highest level of durability, Grade 6.
  • Sub-assembled cylinders, key blanks and pinning kits available for local servicing.
  • Padlocks available.
  • Blister packing available.
  • Efficient Master-Keying Turnaround.