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Peterson Tools

Peterson Locksmith tools provides some of the world's best precision lock picking tools and accessories available. Based in the USA where all their lock tools are developed and manufactured, Peterson tools focus on individual professional locksmith requests and concerns in order to develop tools that overcome common problems on the field with standard lock tools.

All Peterson’s picks and tools are developed with the locksmith in mind and are crafted only of high-quality materials. The majority of the Petersons locksmith tools are manufactured in their proprietor Government Steel, one of the best steels on the market, that provides the highest performance and durability to ensure that over time the locksmith saves money as their tools are more durable and effective than all others on the market.

Cylinder Pick Sets
Peterson Locksmith Tools cylinder pick sets are manufactured to the highest standards to guarantee precision, great feedback and long durability. Ranging from small sets that fit into your back pocket to large 40-piece set and anything in between, Peterson Locksmith Tools offers a wide range of cylinder pick set to suit the requirements of any locksmith.

Peterson Ultimate Extractor Kit v.2
The Peterson Ultimate Extractor Kit v.2 is exactly what you need to remove any key from any lock. It contains broken key extractors that have been laser-cut from 1095 carbon steel for super precision and resistance. They're tough, sharp and durable, which means you can use them in just about any broken key situation and come out on top.

The Peterson Ultimate Extractor Kit v.2 includes Peterson's 3-piece double-sided extractor pliers set, a set of three single-sided extractors, two styles of Sidewinder extractors and a miniature saw blade extractor. It's all neatly packaged in durable plastic tube case.
The Set Includes:
  • 3x Double-sided plier/scissor
  • 2x Sidewinder extractor
  • 1x Single-Hook extractor
  • 1x Double-hook extractor
  • 1x Saw extractor
  • 1x Mini saw extractor

DAMES Bypass Set
If you've ever wished you had a Peterson bypass tool at hand, you'll really appreciate this 4-piece set. This remarkably convenient 4-piece Peterson bypass toolset – DAMEs includes fantastic tools that allow you to bypass various locks without the need of picking them.

Whether you are a large operation or a one-person show, Time is Money! The DAMES set will help make and save you both. You can also match it with a Peterson pick-set for an unbeatable combination.
The Set Includes:
  • 1x Knife tool ideal for shimming open suitcase locks and some combination padlocks.
  • 1x Mini Knife to open file cabinet locks, including those manufactured by HON, as well as a handful of foreign padlocks.
  • 1x AR-TW trip wire designed to be used on 4700-Series Adam Rite latch locks.
  • 1x AD-B Padlock Bypass Tool